Unauthorized Charges to an iTunes Account

No iOS games from SEGA will charge an iTunes account unless someone logs into that account with valid credentials and confirms the purchase.  This means that if you have unauthorized charges from one of our iOS games, your iTunes account may have been compromised.  The only people who can assist you in securing your account and reversing any fraudulent charges are Apple's iTunes Support.  If you contact them and say that unauthorized purchases have been made through your iTunes account, they will forward you to a special team that investigates such claims and reverses the charges.  If they try to forward you back to us, please remind them that you are not contacting them about a game defect but about unauthorized charges.

In the meantime, you should consider the log-in and password you used for your iTunes account to be compromised.  It is highly suggested that you change your password and possibly even the email tied to the account.  Additionally, you should consider changing the log-in ID and password of any other online accounts tied to that email or that use the same password.  If you use these log-in credentials for anything else tied to your debit/credit card (such as online stores, online banking, PayPal, etc...) we also suggest you review your statements for any other fraudulent charges.  It is always best to take extra caution with these sorts of accounts by maintaining different passwords and usernames for each and having a unique password for your email.

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