General - Wii Game is Crashing or Causing "Disc Read Error"

If you’re experiencing disc read errors, freezing, crashing or slowdown on your Wii it could be the result of a few different complications with either the disc or in your Wii itself.  These issues often affect different games in different ways, exaggerating minor existing issues to potentially extreme degrees such as turning a moment of slowed frame-rate into crashing and freezing.  Some games may not be affected at all while others may not even load.  Below are a few potential issues and suggestions:

  • Your save data may have been corrupted in a number of ways.  You may try backing up your save data on an external media and deleting it from your system to see if the issue still occurs.
  • Your disc could be dirty.  Examine the disc and if you find any dirt try cleaning it with window cleaner and a soft cloth, wiping softly across the grain from the center of the disc to the outer edge.  Do not wipe along the grain of the disc as this could cause dirt particles to damage the grooves where the data is recorded.
  • Your disc could be scratched or damaged.  If it's scratched I suggest contacting your local games retailer to ask about disc repair tools that are safe for Wii games.  If it’s cracked I’m afraid there’s no way to repair it and our warranty doesn’t cover damage after purchase.
  • Your Disc could be defective.  See if the game will work in another Wii system.  If you experience the same issue please let us know and we'll have you send it in for a replacement.
  • Your Wii’s lens could be misaligned.  To get your Wii to realign it you’ll need to insert a GameCube game disc, boot it up, exit to the system menu, eject the GameCube disc and then reinsert your Wii disc.
  • Your Wii’s lens could be dirty or scratched.  If you believe this may be the cause the first thing you may try is to contact Nintendo’s support staff or your local games retailer to find a lens cleaner or repair tool that’s safe to use with a Wii.  If this doesn’t resolve the issue you may need to contact Nintendo to see what your options are for repair or replacement.
  • Your Wii’s drive motor or fan could be wearing out.  This can occur on older systems that have been heavily used or left on for very long periods of time or left in very high temperatures.  It can also occur as a result of extreme stress such as trying to vacuum the system’s vents or being shaken violently.  This can cause the disc to spin too slowly or the entire system to overheat causing potentially extreme issues.  If you suspect this is the cause of your issues then your only option is to contact Nintendo for repairs or replacement.
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