Alpha Protocol - Patch 1.1

We've released a patch for Alpha Protocol that removes the authentication requirement and addresses a number of technical issues.  For the European version of the patch, please go here:

Note that if you installed the game from certain download retailers such as Steam or Direct2Drive then the game should be automatically patched by those services and you do not need to use the attached patch.  If you installed the game from disc or if your download provider does not provide patch updates, use the steps below to install the attached patch:

  1. Download the attached zip file.
  2. Open the zip file and locate the APGame.exe file.
  3. Open "C:\Program Files\SEGA\Alpha Protocol\Binaries".
  4. Replace the APGame.exe file in your binaries folder with the one from the zip file.
  5. Restart your computer before attempting to launch the game.

If you receive an error regarding a missing .dll file(s), it's possible you have placed the patched APGame.exe file in the wrong location.  Ensure that you drop the file in the binaries folder before trying to launch the game.  If a warning prompt comes up when you place the file in the binaries folder, choose "Replace".

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