Feedback and Bug Reporting for a Total War Game

If you have basic feedback or criticism of a game in the Total War series, please do not open a ticket with us.  Instead, please go to the Total War Forums and post your feedback in the appropriate section.

If you are having a more significant issue that is not resolved by the basic technical or networking guides in our knowledgebase, please go ahead and open a ticket with us explaining the problem.  We will do our best to walk you through it, and if we can't fix it for you we will forward information about the problem to the developers.  We will also do our best to update you about upcoming version updates.

As an additional resource, we would still suggest going to the Total War Forums to find or post about the issues you're having.  There are certain tricks and work arounds we aren't strictly allowed to suggest due to liability concerns should something go wrong with your system, but the users on the forums often have helpful guides to edit files or go into the command prompt to adjust locked settings.

Additionally, the team at Creative Assembly regularly monitors the Total War Forums to gather feedback and to determine what bug reports are legitimate or high priority.  In that way, posting to these forums helps the developers to refine their current and recent titles based on direct user feedback.

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